Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grayhart Gray-t Southern Adventure 2012

Our journey down south began with a 13-hour drive on Monday to Johns Island, South Carolina.  Trixie, Jam and Savi, all seasoned travelers, took the long drive in stride and with only two brief stops, we arrived late Monday night at Silversmith Farm, home of Summit, CH Pike's Peak Silversmith Summit, SH, SDX, NRD, V, Jam's new hubby.  After we settled Trixie and Savi in their kennel quarters, we introduced Jam and Summit, a little get acquainted romp, before we put them to bed for the night.  Jam will be bred to Summit this week.

 Tuesday morning, we headed out for some fun on this gorgeous farm.  We took the girls to the 3-acre fenced area that contains the pond.  With views of the horse pasture and beautiful trees surrounding us, we had a great time letting the girls stretch their legs for a run and Savi and Trixie had a blast swimming. Of course, I had packed Savi's favorite retrieving toy, and she had a ball doing many water retrieves.

Then Elena, owner of the farm and gracious host, introduced my girls to a special delicacy - fresh figs from the tree that grows next to her house! Savi in particular, loved this new exotic food, and jumped up to try and pick them herself.
We then put the Grayhart girls away and let some of Elena's dogs out for a run and swim.  Here's a shot of handsome Summit:
Sweet, happy go lucky boy Summit!

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