Thursday, January 12, 2012

Triple training

People coming into the training school thought they were seeing triple - three Weims and three German Shepherds!  It seems our Thursday night class is made for multiples, plus a few other single dogs thrown into the mix.  I was so proud of my girls, especially Trixie and Jam, who held their sit and down stays with huge distractions such as group recalls and me working Savi.  The dogs all received a very high value reward - liverwurst!  Maybe gross to hold in your hand or bait bag but it worked like magic.  Savi had terrific focus on all her exercises and worked with great attitude and purpose.  Trixie, who hasn't been to a class in ages, did well on heeling and drop on recall but was a bit rusty on the hand signals.  And Jam, well let's just say she was thrilled to be invited to the party and was her fun loving self.

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