Saturday, January 21, 2012


 The first snowstorm of 2012 left about six inches of snow for the dogs to play in, and play they did.  A good thing, as we were stuck at the house and the driveway did not get plowed until 4:30 pm.
 Trixie surveying the yard and watching her daughters.  She takes her role as play police very seriously!
 Savi with her favorite retrieving toy, although I think she likes it better in the summer for water retrieves.
 I cleaned the snow of the teeter and then Jam decided to show off how she bangs the board...
 Next thing I knew, she was practicing her 2 on, 2 off agility contacts!
 No treats for Jam at the bottom of the teeter but she can't help but look.
Savi was utterly exhausted after running like a gazelle through the snow all afternoon.  She didn't even care when Trixie decided to share the dog bed.

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"Bravo" said...

Love this exuberance in the 1st snow!