Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bravo's Setup at the Golden Gate KC Show

The Bravo poster
This weekend is the prestigious Golden Gate Kennel Club show in California.  It is one of the few "benched" shows left in the US.  When a show is "benched", such as the famous Westminster Kennel Club Show, it means that only the entered dogs are allowed in and those entered dogs are assigned a crating space in the benching area.  They must be in the building and present for the bench attendance checks. From the AKC website: Bench Show - A dog show at which the dogs are kept on assigned benches when not being shown in competition, so they can be viewed and discussed by attendees, exhibitors and breeders.
Since the show celebrates each breed and show dog, it is customary for exhibitors to decorate their dog's area and also hand out business cards.  Jay had the great idea to have our talented friend and designer, Sara Renee, design a poster and handouts.  All were a hit at the show!
These are the handouts!

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