Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Handle this

It wasn't a Weim only class but with four Weims training, we definitely had the majority.  From left to right above, Jam with me, Bebe with Bonnie and Steve working the puppy.
What better way to spend a rainy Tuesday morning than go with friends to handling class and then out for a scrumptious lunch?  An added bonus was the shopping at Total Pet Care, where they have terrific prices on food, treats, toys, collars and everything your dog would need.
 Savi practicing her free stack
 This shot of Savi is actually the reflection in the mirror on the other side of the room.
 another free stack of Savi after our go around...
 Jam, out for some ring practice as we get ready for the Delaware Water Gap and Lehigh shows in two weeks.
 Good girl!  She remembers how to be a show dog.
 Jam loves Steve and he took a turn working her...
 And around we go...
 More treats please!
 Jam above and Savi below...
 Kel tried her best to take shots of all the dogs without intruding on the class.  It was challenging with the poor lighting and constant moving but I appreciate the pictures she took.
After class, we all went to a Long Island favorite, Maureen's Kitchen.  They have the most awesome menu, hard to decide between their yummy breakfast options or creative sandwiches.  Lots of comfort food and great company = a perfect day with friends!


June said...

I need a new camera!!! (Well, that and a flash would have helped)

It was a great day!

Graydogz said...

Savi is really looking good Linda!

Sagira said...

They all look beautiful. Love the little puppy in there to. :)