Monday, December 5, 2011

Fit to be Tricked

Savi, working her muscles to balance on the peanut ball.
 Last Saturday, we attended a terrific seminar:
"Fit To Be Tricked"
Specialized Trick Training
A Fun Way To Optimize Fitness, Flexibility & Coordination

with World Renowned Animal TrainerSassie Frankie Joiris and
Agility Champion and Guinness World Record Holder, 
Chris Ott-Parker
Comprehensive program designed with Internationally Recognized Physical Therapist "Ria Acciani, MPT"

"This one of a kind seminar focuses on specialized trick training designed to
improve your dog's accuracy in performance events while keeping them fit,
increasing physical strength, decreasing muscle recovery time and raise your
dog’s learning ability, focus and drive.

Frankie (Sassie) Joiris and Chris Ott-Parker are international seminar presenters and full
time dog trainers with a combined 60 years experience training dogs in agility, obedience,
conformation, search and rescue, hunting events, as well extensive experience in
television and film. Both Frankie and Chris have competed at the top levels of multiple
dog sports venues with multiple breeds of dogs and are well known for their ability to
customize training to fit each team’s unique strengths and ability."

 At the full day seminar, we learned all kinds of tricks and stretches to keep the dogs healthy and mentally stimulated.  We were too busy to take pictures at the seminar but we started practicing some of what we learned at home with the giant peanut ball.  It takes great balance and strength for the dogs to sit or stand comfortably on the ball and then do tricks on it, like waving while sitting.  Savi and Jam both came with me to the seminar but I primarily concentrated on working Savi.  She learned to catch foam rings around her neck, jump through hoops and various body positions and building body awareness that will help in all the sports we do.  Jam loved when she got to work, as she patiently waited in her crate, watching us work and didn't make a peep.  Jam showed off her balancing skills, doing doggie surfing and pushing the peanut while standing on her hind legs.  All of the skills and tricks we learned will be perfect activities to keep the dogs busy on cold, winter days.
 Trixie, above, and Jam, below, watching Savi work on the peanut until their turn.  Both love working the peanut as they get treats and find it fun.
Back to Saturday. The seminar was an all day affair, from 9-4:30, and dogs and handlers worked hard.  We were exhausted when we arrived home and Savi and Jam were so tired.  They crashed on the couch and didn't move for hours.
 A tired Weim is a good Weim!


June said...

looks like alot of fun work~

Graydogz said...

I want one of those for Swing and Dodge. Like June said, looks like fun.