Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas with Bravo

Spending holidays with family or friends is always special but this year was extra special as we spent Christmas day with Bravo, BIF GCH Grayhart Crescent's Bravo, (Clay x Trixie), and his family in California!  I hadn't seen our blue collared pup since he left at 8 weeks of age and although Jay sends me pictures and we speak often, it was wonderful to spend time with him and his family.
 After a lovely morning walk around the Stamford University campus and the Rodin Sculpture Garden, we finally arrived at Bravo's house and he was excited to see us.  We played with him and of course, couldn't wait to see our handsome show boy on the move - trotting around his dog run, with a floating gait!
Sweet and well-mannered, Bravo is such a good boy and enjoyed playing tug or retrieving his favorite toys.  He also gave kisses.  
Jay and Ron opened their home to us and prepared delicious food for a full day of eating as well as great company, meeting the family and their close friends.  They even welcomed our friends who live nearby to come visit.  A truly memorable Christmas Day!

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June said...

Such a beautiful boy... an exciting trip... and WONDERFUL friends!!

Love Bravo's toothy smile!!