Sunday, April 3, 2011

Follow the leader

Savi and Jam on the teeter
Not your typical agility training session...practicing the teeter with Savi and Jam did not want to be left out.  Competition in training can be a good thing, especially for Jam, who did have some teeter issues but you would never know it now, as she confidently follows Savi up the teeter.  This also helps Savi run to the end, past the tipping point for her reward.  Trixie is always at the ready to clean up any dropped treats.

My daughter just happened to be there to snap this shot.  We do not want to encourage this behavior from the dogs on a regular basis, first for safety purposes but also, they should only go on the equipment when we give them permission.  In Jam's case, we've worked so hard to get her over her teeter issues, which is a common agility issue, that now we've created a teeter monster!


Pam said...

Reading your blog always brings tears to my eyes. Awesome, beautiful and talented group of weims! what could be more special than not one but two beautiful gray dogs on a teeter?
Flyway Goldens

June said...

I'd love to bring Haze over to see if he's like the teeter or other agility stuff! Can you imagine THREE Weims on the teeter!