Friday, April 29, 2011

Favorite things

Jam - pure enjoyment!
 The dogs have many favorite things but raw and smoked bones top the list.  I call them doggie pacifiers or babysitters, especially when earlier in the week, we had torrential rainstorms and tornado warnings so taking the dogs for a run was out of the question.  The bones also have the benefit of keeping their teeth clean.  We love the smoked bones from Paws Up On Health , who we see frequently at dog shows and agility trials, and raw bones from Wholistic Paws. , which has two stores in our area.
 Trixie in a chewing trance...find a comfortable dog bed and chew to your hearts desire or until Mom takes it away.  Sometimes the dogs play musical bones, since your bone must taste better than mine.  Fortunately, they are pretty good but we always keep a close eye as we do not want any fights or choking incidents.
Savi tries to fit the whole thing in her mouth...notice she picked the most comfy spot in the house, the king size bed!

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Sagira said...

They look like they are loving life. Savi is not a dumb girl at all. LOL