Saturday, April 23, 2011

Debbie & Sky visit Jessica & Mia-belle

This is a guest (pirated) post from Jessica's blog. I love how many of our Grayhart puppy people are truly a family and have forged lasting friendships.

Debbie and Sky's Trip East - Part 1 - Tracking

We were thrilled to have Debbie and Sky (Grayhart Lightfoot Early Morning Rain RN, TD, JH, NSD, V) come to Wilmington to visit for a few days.  Of course, the majority of our time was spent doing all kinds of fun dog stuff including....tracking.
Mia and me getting ready to start our track

Article indication - Mia has been taught to lay down when she finds articles.  She then gets rewarded from me.

On the scent

Debbie and Sky are working on TDX so Sky's tracks were aged 2 hours.

After the girls tracked, we let them romp around in the field.  Mia especially enjoyed playing with the soccer ball she found.

Our second day tracking

Good girl Mia

Debbie laid a track for Sky that went into some woods making it a little more complex.  Sky did great!
We also got to spend some time in historic downtown Wilmington and the beach, of course.  Pictures from those adventures will be posted later.

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June said...

I love reading about all the Grayhart family members and can't wait to officially be a puppy person.