Wednesday, February 9, 2011

At work in the big city!

 Trixie was back at work this afternoon in New York City doing a quick photo shoot for a big name pet food company in Europe.  She turned on the charm, greeted everyone in the studio with a kiss, and then like a true professional, got down to business, nailing every shot they asked for.  When we finished, we took advantage of the beautiful, albeit chilly day, and walked around the city.  We stopped at Lincoln Center to admire the beautiful buildings and take some shots of Trixie and her BFF.  Yes, Trix is wearing her ChillyDogs coat and her BFF has a matching headband.  Strangers even approached us asking about Trixie's fabulous dog coat.
 In the background, you can see the Metropolitan Opera House aka The Met.  It is a gorgeous place and we've enjoyed seeing spectacular productions of operas there in the magnificent opera house.
 Trixie gives the best kisses!
Ooooh, and the best pigeons to point!  The pigeons better take cover because next week, the dogs will be taking over the city for the famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog show. 

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hotdogjunie said...

Beautiful girls...
love the boots!

Next time you'll have to bring Jam for a visit to Rolling Stone!