Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trixie hired for IAMS Commercial!

Trixie & Joel Silverman

Trixie's star continues to rise as she has been hired to star in an upcoming IAMS commercial. Trixie was the standout from the start and only Grayhart dogs were considered for the Weimaraner spot in this commercial. Jam and Monty have also been hired as backups and we are thrilled that this is a family affair. They will also be used for still photos.

Famous dog trainer, Joel Silverman, of Animal Planet's Good Dog U, pictured with Trixie, is the animal agent/head trainer for this project. Trixie and Jam were part of the casting process in New York City, for the actors to be used in the commercial and Joel, the producers and the client's were impressed with their training, beauty and engaging personalities. Trixie was able to pick out which actors were comfortable with dogs and which ones were not. The dogs will get to meet the actors that have been hired for the shoot and then filming is scheduled for later this week. This will give us time to work on their moves and practice their lines!


Anonymous said...

Go Trixie!
And congrats to Jam and Monty as the still stand-ins. Grayhart Weims ROCK!

Linda said...

Thanks! Actually, Monty is the backup for the commercial too! Who knows, maybe both Trixie and Monty will end up in the final piece :)

Sagira said...

Way to go Trixie!
Sagira got to meet Joel, he kept telling us she could be an extra in the movies as a coyote. haha