Thursday, August 12, 2010

On the road again

Trixie giving full attention before her obedience run-through at the AKC Canine Experience Match Show
Trixie put on her modeling hat today and did a bang up job in NYC for the IAMS photo shoot. Those obedience skills truly pay off when she is asked to pose in various positions with all kinds of distractions and asked to look this way and that way, with me handling from a distance away. Monty, (Parker x Trixie), will take over the set tomorrow to finish the shoot for shots that will appear Nationally as point of sale displays and possibly on packaging...a very exciting assignment!

We'll be heading to the Harrisburg show circuit where Jam will be shown in conformation and Trixie in obedience. These are large shows and drew a major entry in Weims. We are hoping for Jam to win one or two of those majors as Jam needs them to complete her AKC Championship title. Savi will come along for the ride as the show is a great place for training, socialization and to spread her cute factor!


sararenee said...

Good luck this weekend!
How many points does Jam have now? I've lost track ;)

Anonymous said...

Savi--spreading the cuteness... I love it!

Linda said...

Jam has 8 single points...need two of those elusive majors :)