Monday, August 16, 2010

"Q" Cupcake to Celebrate CDX leg #2!!!

"Q" = Qualify, and that's what Trixie did this past weekend at the Saturday obedience trial in Harrisburg, PA. We were so proud of her for earning her 2nd CDX leg and her score earned her a 4th place ribbon. Trixie hasn't competed in obedience in almost a year and with a litter of pups to keep her busy as well as agility training and the Nationals, there hasn't been an opportunity to get her in the ring at an indoor venue until now. Ironically, we came to these shows primarily for Jam and I entered Trixie to see what she would do. Well, she upheld the family honor! Out of 21 dogs entered in the Open A class, only 5 qualified, meaning they earned passing scores (a minimum of 170 out of 200) to get a leg toward the CDX title. This is a challenging class, called the heartbreak class, as it can be frustrating to do well enough to pass...and we've had our share of disappointments trying to attain the CDX title.
Trixie's breeders were at the show, along with many Weim friends, who watched and supported us in our obedience run. Amy, Trixie's breeder, bought Trixie doggie cupcakes to celebrate this special day. Like a true princess, Trixie shopped herself and picked out which cupcakes she liked best along with cookies to share with our other dogs with the gift certificate she won with her placement.
Showing off her manners and not eating until given the okay...good girl!
She then decided the dog bed made a better placemat and wolfed down the cupcake in a very unladylike manner.
and for the party... a lovely selection of all natural, fancy dog cookies, almost yummy enough for humans to eat.
Time to party...l-r - Savi, Trixie, Jam and Wotan
Nothing in life is free and all of them had to earn their cookies...excellent group stay with this food distraction.
Jam found the cookies lip smacking good!

Of course, Trixie was entered two days in obedience and with qualifying the first day, our expectations were high that she had a good shot to do a repeat performance and finish her title on Sunday but it just wasn't meant to be. Trixie did do another nice job in all her individual exercises, lagged a bit on her sits, but still showed that she was working and had solid retrieves and an excellent drop on recall. We were still in the game when it was time for the out of sight stays. I know not to count my chickens until they are hatched and for good reason. Trixie held her 3 minute sit but after 2 minutes of the long down, which is for 5 minutes, she popped up into a sit, dang! But then, she stood, in a lovely stack position, and woofed for her mommy...ugh, she is really going to make me work for that last leg. Everyone watching thought it was cute...well you gotta love a Weim. Back to practicing those out of sight stays so we can finish that title.

Jam's show news: Those majors just didn't have our names on it this weekend. She showed better and better each day, getting a 3rd the first day, a 2nd the second day and even winning a large open bitch class on Sunday, looking terrific with Steve Lane doing an excellent job handling her. As they say, on to the next show...


sararenee said...

All in all, I'd say you had a pretty fulfilling weekend!
HUGE congrats on Trixies 2nd open leg- Sylvie and I will get there one of these days!
Love the "woofing" part of Trixie's downstay ;)

I'm sure Jam looked great- such a versatile girl and Steve does a good wonderful job showing her.

Linda said...

Awww, thanks Sara! It was a wonderful weekend and being with great friends makes it all worthwhile. I'm proud of my girls and yes, Jam looked terrific with Steve.

You and Vera can do anything you set your minds to :) I have faith!

hotdogjunie said...

Sounds like a busy and fun weekend!
Jam's time will come soon to get her majors...I'm sure she was great-you can see how much Steve loves her when he's showing her.

WTG Trixie!

I love Savi staring at the plate of she's willing it toward her.

Glad to see Woton showed up for the girls' day out party!