Saturday, May 22, 2010

WCA National Specialty

The Weimaraner Club of America National Specialty Show ended yesterday after a week of exciting competition and celebrating with friends. Jam and Trudy continued to make us proud by placing 3rd and 4th respectively in their classes at the National Specialty under breeder judge, Judy Colan of Colsidex Weimaraners.

I am still overwhelmed at the successful week we had as our hope was just to maybe get a placement or two but we ended up with class wins, a Futurity class winner (Mason), Futurity Placement (Trudy), Maturity Placement (Marshall) and our girls, Jam and Trudy, placed in every class they were entered in, not an easy feat at a National with such a huge entry and high quality of dogs. In the performance venues, Sky finished her Rally Novice title with a placement and went back the next day and got 1st Place at the National Specialty Rally trial plus we had exciting agility runs with Trixie's 1st place Open Std leg and Jam's 3rd place Novice JWW run. Jam even competed in Novice Obedience and would have qualified if she had not gone down on her group sit but I was happy with her performance since we have not focused as much on competition obedience and her individual run was passable. And, it seems forever ago, but only last Saturday that Jam ran in the WCA Hunt Test in Senior Hunter. She did not pass however, the judges were impressed with her solid point and trainability that we were honored to be asked to work in the bird field for another dog that needed a bracemate to back. We used this opportunity as a training session and Jam held to the shot and did a nice retrieve, a performance that would have passed in Senior. The gunners were extremely complimentary of my young, beautiful birdy bitch!

I am thankful for Trudy and Mason's owners who trusted us with their dogs and to Debbie with Sky, and Laura with Marshall, Meridith with Memphis, who drove long distances to make the Grayhart family reunion and had their own National successes. We are also blessed with the generosity and expert handling of Jam by Steve Lane and Trudy and Mason by Pat O'Brien. I truly appreciate all the calls and emails from our other puppy people and friends, cheering us on all week.

All the dogs were terrific travelers and held up well under crazy weather conditions from freezing rain at the beginning of the week to 90 degree temps at the end. This is a testament to their solid temperaments and training by their owners.
Trudy posing for her WCWDC 12-18 mo class win shot.
Trixie, on a very hot day, showing off her first place agility ribbon. We are all so proud of Trixie, bred by Amy and Michael Anderson of GraytSky, who has turned out to be an amazing producer and terrific performance dog.
Jam, with only some of the ribbons that she won!
Not to be left out, Savi, came everywhere with us and thought that the Nationals were the best party she's ever been to! Littermate Memphis joined us for a few days and attended the Novice Field Seminar and learned all about hunt tests, field trials and was introduced to bird work. Both Savi and Memphis got to meet Daddy Clay's owner, Vicki Ruiz, who loved what she saw in his young get. The hunt test, show, agility trial and motor homes setup, gave Savi incredible socialization and training opportunities. There were numerous puppies and friendly dogs for her to play with and she caused quite a stir everywhere she went with her confident strut, bold manner and even showed off her retrieving skills. One day she'll be on that winner's podium.


Sagira said...

Congrats on all your accomplishments and ribbons. :)

Meridith said...

What great posts from Nationals all week! Congratulations, you guys had a fantastic week, glad we were there for part of it!