Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seeing red

Yesterday was one of those glorious Spring days where you wish everyday could be like this, sparkling sunshine, not too hot and beautiful views. We took Jam and these gorgeous Vizsla boys, Stevie and Wes, who belong to my friend Esther hiking at Harriman State Park. Both boys are show champions and accomplished hunting dogs. Wes is 10, graying around the muzzle, and Stevie who is 3, is currently working on his Master Hunter title.
After the hike, the boys showed off their water skills. Wes, above, is quite the retriever.
Stevie, did a beautiful job of retrieving the bumper but could not convince Jam to go in the water. Ironically, I didn't snap a single shot of Jam...too busy enjoying the scenery and the Vizslas. Hopefully, this summer we will get Jam swimming as she has told me that she would rather watch from the sidelines than get wet.

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