Wednesday, March 10, 2010

T-c Pups Day 53 & 54:Say Cheese

Yesterday, the pups went for their temperament testing and were wiped out after the long day of testing and found my friend's daughter's lap to be the perfect place to crash. My good friend and dog trainer, Kathy Santo, administered Sheila Booth's Positive Puppy Preview. This tests the puppy's temperament, birdiness, biddability, if a pup's drive can overcome stress, as well as toy, food and prey drive. This litter was deemed a working/performance litter full of birdy, confident, little retrieving machines.
The temperament test is only a snapshot but does give me valuable information added to the countless hours I have spent playing with and observing the puppies. All this, along with the conformation evaluation, is used to help me decide which puppy would do best in each home.
Today, our friend Sara came to visit and take professional photos of the pups and our adult dogs.
A good photographer always gets to know their models and build a connection.
The peeks that I saw on her digital camera were amazing and I can't wait to see all of the terrific shots she took.

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