Saturday, March 6, 2010

T-C Pups Day 51: Saturday guests

The pups waiting for all their visitors to arrive and boy was it worth the wait. The Priore family, who will be getting one the boys, came and we had a wonderful time enjoying watching the pups play on the deck. They were amazed with their wild play and agility, making the outdoor furniture into a playground. I look forward to seeing their pictures of the pups tearing around and interacting with them. Also visiting, Michele with Mia, Jam's littermate and Mason's owners, Jen and Matt. Mason couldn't make it as he was off at a show in Maryland.
Jen with one of the pups.
Of course, Trixie thinks all the guests are here for her and she is quite generous with her kisses.
A quick training session for Mia, who will be making her show debut sometime this year in confirmation and rally.
We really enjoy having the new puppy people visit, giving them an opportunity to play with the pups as well as ask lots of questions. It's also great to have our puppy people from previous litters visit, as we adore seeing them and their dogs, plus they can share experiences with the new people who are now part of the Grayhart family. The puppies also benefit with all the socialization. Tomorrow, we have more special guests who we are really excited to will be posted that will include the newest member of the Grayhart clan.

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