Friday, November 13, 2015

Jam has been rocking the agility ring!

Jam has been busy this fall competing at the Masters level in AKC agility.

We have gotten much more consistent as a team and our "Q" rate has risen tremendously.  She finished her MX, Master Standard title last weekend at Dream Park and the same weekend, earned MXJ, Master Jumpers with Weaves legs #8 and #9! It takes 10 qualifying runs to earn each Master title. She now only needs one Jumpers leg to complete her MXJ title.

She also qualified in both Master Standard and Jumpers on Sunday, giving her a Double Q! This is her first Double Q and counts towards a MACH, Master Agility Champion title, which takes 20 double Qs plus 750 points, which are seconds under the standard course time. 

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