Tuesday, December 17, 2013

J-S Pups Day 19: Inside & Out of the Box!

The Wonder pups had an exciting day as they had their first field trip of sorts.  Everyday we clean and change their bedding and usually the pups go in a warming box while this is done.  Well yesterday, the pups decided they could not be contained and escaped from the shallow warming box and started exploring the family room.  Today, we purposely allowed them to explore and even nurse outside the box on a nice crate pad.  The pups were able to experience a number of different flooring types, plastic, hardwood, fleece and the crate mat.
The pups are growing like weeds thanks to the great nourishment from Momma Jam. This week, from 14-21 days of age, is what we call the transitional period. The pups can now see, hear and interact with each other. They are all walking and show a startle response to sounds, although they are not capable of fear at this age. We introduce all kinds of sounds, like the vacuum, to ensure they are not noise sensitive and comfortable with all kinds of noises.
The pups are enjoying the different toys we've added to the box and we will continue to alternate toys that are made of different materials to give a new tactile experience as well as make all kinds of sounds.

All kinds of different surfaces...

Jam is an amazing mother.


Freudala said...

What can words say, the pictures speak for themselves!

Not only is Jam the good momma, but 'grandma' Linda
Had a very big hand. I toast you!


HJF said...

They are so cute. My son duly noting how adorable they are, will be living with me forever now.