Monday, December 23, 2013

J-F Pups Day 23: Potty Box Training

The Wonder pups had a big weekend.  They moved up, literally to our upstairs living room to the big puppy pen which will be their home until they leave to go to their new families.  They had more firsts, at three weeks we began feeding them weaning formula, they experienced their new pen which has rubber flooring and xpen (metal) sides and their first crate!  The pups are learning to use the litter box that is filled with wood pellets.  The wood pellets act as kitty litter, absorbing urine and attracts the pups to do their business on it, is easy to clean and safe if the pups decide to sample the pellets.  We use a cement mixing box to keep the mess to a minimum.  The size of the box is great as it makes the pups use their problem solving skills to figure out how to get in and out as well as lots of muscle movement.  The pups also have a big TV overhead and get to hear all kinds of noises from Saturday Night Live,  to various music and TV shows plus being upstairs, close to the front door where the big dogs bark at passersby and the kitchen.

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