Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How I love the puppies....

One of the best things about breeding is having the pups come visit.  Like a grandma, I get to have fun with them and then send them home.  Two weeks ago, Ella (Summit x Jam) came for a weekend of shows and Reagan's owners brought her to visit us at the show grounds.  Reagan, (Parker x Savi) is 5 months old and did great when we stacked and gaited her.  She is doing super in obedience class and we are excited about showing her in the Spring.  It was a good experience for her to walk around an all-breed show with all the sights and sounds that are exclusive to a dog show.  And like all our other pups, they go crazy when they see their breeder, (me), as they never forget, no matter how long it's been.  Lucky for me, I had seen Reagan the week before.  Thanks Kathy and Tim for bringing Reagan for a visit!

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