Friday, May 4, 2012

Weims on Display

 The school where I teach has a display cabinet in the lobby that was a gift from the Home & School Association.  The staff was asked to volunteer if they had a collection that they wanted to share and display in the case.  There were displays of Bugles, Beanie Babies and Angels. Finally, it was my turn and of course, my passion is Weimaraners, so this display was created.
 I dedicated one shelf of the display to my show dogs; conformation, agility, obedience and field pictures decorated the shelf along with ribbons.
 The lower shelf showcase our models, Jam, Trixie and Savi, in their ads and books.
 Books and other fun Weimaraner collectables rounded out the display with my prized Best in Futurity Dog trophy.  Many students and staff have found the display quite interesting and love looking at the dogs.


"Bravo" said...

Absolutely the best idea and display ever! Wow you makes us so proud! Thanks for including Bravos photo ad and of course his prize Best in Futurity statue he won just for Grayhart. J. Logan and Bravo

Lightfoot Weimaraners said...

How fun is this!!!! I know you had a blast putting it together, and how nice for folks to get to learn how well rounded your dogs are, and this breed can be!