Monday, May 21, 2012

Strut Your Mutt 2012

l-r: Savi, Jam, Trixie and June
 This past Sunday, we joined our friend, KellyAnn and her awesome gray girl, June of Hotdog Junie fame, to attend Strut Your Mutt 2012, a terrific fundraising event for Happy Tails Animal Rescue.  There was a walk-a-thon around the lake at Wood Dale Park, fun contests for the dogs, treats for people and pets as well as a fabulous raffle.  Our group of four grey girls were quite the hit and made lots of new friends.  People couldn't get over how beautiful and friendly they were.
 June was a star and won the Best Chowhound contest!  Her ribbon says "Most Eager Eater!"  It was fun contest and Trixie and Jam tied for 2nd place!  Our girls beat out labs and pugs and many other breeds and mixes, having no problem chowing down on lettuce, carrots and even pickles!

Another contest our girls excelled in was the "who could stay the longest".  Both Savi and Trixie made it to the semi-finals against two labs and then Trixie and the dog trainer's lab, the person running the contests, were in the finals.  So proud of Trixie holding for out of sights while I hid behind a tree, during distractions of dogs walking around her and tennis balls being thrown.  Trixie was awarded the Longest Stay ribbon.
As part of the registration, we were given gift bags and the girls were given bandannas to wear.  

Our Weimaraners were amazing ambassadors for the breed.  They really were on their best behavior and hit it out of the park when we met a visually impaired boy and talk about an impromptu therapy dog visit, made this little boy's day.  He loved the Weims and especially Junie's peach fur, stating she was as soft as a pillow.  The girls also greeted some seniors in wheel chairs, bringing smiles to everyone they met.

It was a super day as we enjoyed the perfect weather and supported a great cause!

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