Saturday, February 4, 2012

Panty Party!

The life of a breeder or anyone who owns intact bitches has to deal with the 21 day period when the girls come into season.  Have to say that Jam and Savi don't mind wearing their panties.  They do put a little show on, typical of Weims, when we first put them on, they do the "panty dance", running around like banshees, rubbing their butts on the furniture and doing all kinds of contortions.  Quite comical.
Savi is wondering what the big deal is...
and fashionista Jam in leopard print!
 Hey, what about me?  Yes, Trixie, we love you and know you are much happier that you no longer have to wear panties.  Trixie hated wearing them.  She would tolerate once they were on her but would run and hide as soon as she saw us pick them up.
Big stretch for the princess!

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