Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weimaraner Wednesday: Happiness in the field

Savi - pure joy!
 Yes, it's Thursday but we had to post these shots from a great day in the field on Weimaraner Wednesday.  After a week off due to the freak snow storm, the dogs were raring to go and enjoyed running in the fields and hunting.  The bonus was a day of incredible weather.
 Savi above, and Jam below, have such enthusiasm and love running in the fields.
 My girls, Trixie, Jam and Savi, had the preserve to themselves.
 Then it was time to get to work and train for the Senior Hunt tests in the Spring...
Jam on point...funny how she does that lip thing!
Intense point from Savi!
Savi has what my trainer calls a Master Hunter retrieve - enthusiastic, direct and retrieves to hand - just fabulous!  She is exciting to watch and has such talent and drive.

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June said...

I swoon when I see Savi SO HAPPY in a bird field! <3