Monday, November 21, 2011

AKC Meet the Breeds - Part 2

 I wanted to share more fun shots of Savi and Parker at the AKC Meet the Breeds on November 19th.  Here they are vying for a treat from both sides of the table at the Weimaraner booth.
Savi was just awesome dealing with all the people as there were literally thousands of people there.  She seemed to be a magnet and drew the crowds in to see the Weim booth.  
Parker greeted people and of course, expected Jo to share her snack with him...who could resist that sweet face!

 It was a long afternoon and we were all pooped...
 Savi found the table to be a comfy spot to hang out as we cleaned up for the day.
We were very proud of the great job Parker and Savi did representing our breed.  The only catch is that everyone assumed that all Weims are as laid back and well trained as our crew...unfortunately that isn't the case.  We spent a lot of time educating people on the characteristics of the breed (high energy, need for a tremendous amount of exercise, very intelligent) and what a huge commitment it is to own, train and socialize a Weim or else they can be destructive, skittish, wild and even aggressive.  Yes, they are a beautiful breed but much more and not the right dog for most people.

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