Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weimaraner Wednesday - Fall Field Training!

 What could be better than spending a nice, brisk fall day out with friends field training?  We had a special guest today, Michele and Mia, Grayhart's American Woman,CGC, (Parker x Trixie), who joined us to introduce Mia to birds.  Before we worked the dogs, they all had a great run in a big field - all FIVE together - four Weims (Trixie, Jam, Savi, Mia) and Becky, the German Shorthair Pointer puppy.
If you click on the left photo above you can see all 5 dogs and on the right picture, Mia and Savi playing.
Mia and Becky

Jam ran with Beau, the GSP who lives with Becky and just completed his Senior Hunter title last weekend.  Below you can see Jam pointing a quail and then later, honoring Beau on point, with me collaring her.

It was Jam's turn to find the Chukkar and she did a terrific job, found it easily and held her point until the shot and then retrieved the bird.

 Jam was quite pleased with herself and had a fun time doing what she loves best.
 We then gave Savi a turn and worked her on steadying until she is released to retrieve the bird.  She did well and was rewarded with lots of retrieves.  Last up was Mia, who was introduced to quail for the first time.  She found the bird and showed interest.  She definitely has natural ability and with more training and exposure to birds, she should easily get her Junior Hunter title.  Of course, no get together with the pups would be complete without a stacking session.  Mia, who is quite the Momma's girl, allowed me to stack her while Michele took pictures.  We plan on showing our pretty Mia in 2012 to work on her AKC championship.


June said...

mia's looking really nice!

I was soooo tempted to play hookey today and call you to come with...maybe next time ;-)

Sagira said...

Looks like they are all having a great time. :)