Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Field Training!

Savi & Jam
 Even though the official start to fall is still a week away, with cool temps and rain, it sure felt like fall and we had our first day training in the field since Spring.  The dogs got to run in the field for fun to stretch their legs and get some of the excess energy out before getting down to business.
Savi getting ready for take-off!
 Jam was up first and we ran her with a German Shorthair Pointer, that is working on her Senior Hunter title.  Jam ran fine with this new dog, always good to switch things up as you never know what kind of dog you'll be braced with at a hunt test.  It began pouring during our run, which was not the most pleasant thing for the handler's and does effect the scenting conditions and birds, but hunt tests are run rain or shine and it was a good opportunity to challenge the dogs in not the most ideal conditions.  Jam then had a chance for a second run with our friend's Vizsla, who is very close to finishing his Master Hunter title. We ran the dogs in a mock hunt test and I was pleased with how well Jam hunted, backed the other dog immediately and was steady to wing and shot.  Her retrieve was passable, still something I'd like to improve to get her to have a better hold on the bird, but the whole run, if in a real test would have been a pass!  Amazing how the dog's remember what they are supposed to do and pick up where we left off.
 Savi, beginning her training for Senior Hunter, ran with the Vizsla, and we wanted to evaluate where she was at.  She hunted in her usual bold, independent style and held point until we got to her to flush the bird.  We need to work on steadying her more on the bird without holding her and while the bird is being shot.  She has an incredible retrieve and brought the bird to hand!  We wanted to introduce her to honoring or backing the other dog on point, and she did acknowledge the other dog.  I then collared her and she was not happy watching the other dog retrieve the bird.  In fact, she was hysterical, barking, jumping and whining....sorry Savi, life is not fair and every bird does not belong to you!  We know what our biggest challenge is going to be with Savi in training her for Senior.
A fun day for sure, even if we were soaked by the time we packed up.  We peeled off our rain gear, felt chilled and went out to lunch for some hot pasta fagiouli soup and Italian food....can't get much better than that!

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June said...

mmmmmm pasta et fagioli.... red or white? (Mine's white)

The girls look like they had a blast doing what comes so naturally to them. I really enjoy the hunt/ratings tests and can't wait to be able to train for them.

Whaddaya mean not every bird is for Savi? The nerve! LOL