Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Don't rain on my parade

I love my knee high Bogs Boots!
 Mother Nature struck again this week with close to five inches of rain and more flooding in the Northeast.  We had just finished our cleanup from Hurricane Irene and no sooner was the yard clear, the skies opened up for the downpour.  It was disappointing to find out that the North Branch Park Cluster of shows this week, Big Apple Sporting, Tuxedo, Somerset Hills and Westchester, were cancelled due to flooding at the show site.  What is a girl and her dogs to do?  Go hiking!  So what if we get a little wet.  I donned my raincoat, waterproof baseball hat and Bogs boots and off we went...
 The dogs needed a good run to stretch their legs after being cooped up due to the bad weather.  We didn't see a soul and enjoyed having the woods to ourselves.
 The rain and mud didn't bother the dogs one bit and they looked like dappled Weims by the time we were done.
Trixie waiting for the girls to come back from chasing a squirrel...
 Jam and Savi find something interesting in the wood post.
 The girls checking out the base of this beautiful tree.
Savi, all wet from our hike but a happy camper.  The benefit of having a wash-and-wear breed!

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June said...

I so envy going out for a hike in the rain with no one else around! Looks like a wet and wild time ;-)