Friday, May 6, 2011

Paw it Forward

Back in August we received a present from our friend, Sagira. She let me join in the Paw It Forward game she was playing. It was during the time when Wotan was very ill and then passed away.  We were very sad and the present got put in the closet for a happier time.  Well, we admit, it kind of got forgotten and then it was found.  Yes, things are much happier these days and it was the perfect spring day to celebrate getting a present.

I took pictures while the girls, Trixie, Jam and Savi explored the interesting box and then helped open it. Sagira sent some yummy treats, a bag of tennis balls, a rope tug toy and Savi's fave, a new stuffie!
 Ooooh, smells like goodies in that box...
Looks like enough for the girls to share...
 Trixie's hoping it's all for her while Jam is making sure we didn't leave anything in the box.
 Good girls posing by their new treats and toys...after a few snacks of the yummy apple treats it was time to play with the toys!
After a quick game of fetch, Jam was hoping to destroy the tennis ball, sorry Jam, not today...
 Savi immediately got down to business nooking on her new stuffie...
...until Trixie took it away!  Trixie has a unique style of playing with toys, especially the stuffed ones.  She likes to have her butt in the air...too cute!

Thanks for playing Paw it Forward with my girls Sagira!

Now comes the fun part of Paw it Forward!
Now we get to send presents to 3 friends!

The rules of my paw it forward are as follows:
1. comment on my paw it forward post saying you want to play.
2. when you get your package, you must blog about your presents.
3. ask 3 of your friends to play paw it forward with you!

So... who wants to play Paw it Forward?!


June said...

Oh, you KNOW we want in!!

June LOVES getting & sending stuff in the mail.

Weimlady said...

I do, I do!

Linda said...

Okay June, but you'll need to share with Haze!

and Martha, I'll need your address please :) What fun!

Sagira said...

How cute. I forgot all about that.