Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Favorite things - Kong Wubba Friends

Trixie with the Bear Wubba
We have discovered a new line of toys from Kong that the dogs are crazy for - the Kong Wubba Friends.  These are plush covered Wubbas with a tennis ball head and a squeaker ball benath, covered in plush fabric to look like different animals.  They love to squeak and shake the tails on the other end or play tug.
 Of course, they always want the toy the other dogs has...poor Jam looking at Trixie, longing for the toy.
  I know that Trixie not-so-secretly enjoys tormenting the other girls with her toys!
 Savi loves her Rabbit Wubba, the first one we bought.  Although, seeing Trixie with the Bear...her brain goes into planning mode...
As soon as Trixie dropped the Bear Wubba, Savi moved in for the steal!
 Must show off my new toy!
 Savi and her new Bear, cozy on the couch and quite content.


Meridith said...

We got Memphis the bear last week- He loves it!- he ate the ears right off but it's still hanging in there!

Linda said...

Ours is looking like Wubba Van Gogh! lol

Sagira said...

We can't have those here. My pups destroy them in no time at all.