Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chilly Dogs

Savi sporting her new Chilly Dogs Great White North Winter coat.  I consider these the Northface of dog coats.
The new coats have a  new and improved design, a double buckle for a better fit.
Jam, wearing a purple Chilly Dogs coat, a color that they discontinued years ago but one we absolutely adore on our dogs.  These coats are terrific quality and wear beautifully, even after years and many washings.
Trixie started the Pink trend...years ago we requested a coat made in fuchsia fleece and it was such a hit that it was added to the Chilly Dog's line.
Princesses in Pink, Savi & Trixie
Savi, Jam & Triixe, ready for winter


Jessica said...

I wonder how many of the puppies have one...I know Miabelle does, and so does Mason and Trudy I think. We should send you pics of them in their coats to add to the blog post:) Mia has needed hers this week when it's been 18 degrees!

June said...

It's like she's "official" now!
It's funny how we were saying the other day how big the puppy is getting looking more mature... in her coat, next to mama and big sis, she looks little :-)