Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oldie but Goody - the Pyramid toy

 Jam, formally the purple girl, now with the Pyramid toy and below, at 23 days old...still a favorite!

 Savi sneaks in hoping to steal the toy away from Jam...
 A game of tug-of-war ensues...
 The winner, Savi, cherishes her victory.
Savi, showing off her prize and hoping to play a game of keep-away.
 Jam isn't interested and has moved on to a new toy.

1 comment:

hotdogjunie said...

look at baby Jam!!! Hard to believe she was that little not that long ago.

That Savi, she's a pip! June does that taunt-strut too...especially with things she shouldn't have (like socks!)