Sunday, November 14, 2010

Encore Performance

 Jessica and Miabelle, Grayhart"s Special Request, RA, (Zeke x Trixie) had a repeat performance of yesterday's awesome obedience run.  They qualified for a 2nd CD leg with a 1st place and score of 193.5! Congratulations on a successful debut in the obedience ring!
Miabelle and Jessica at Sam's Knob
After the obedience trial, they met up with Debbie and Sky, Grayhart Lightfoot Early Morning Rain,JH,TD,RN, (Parker x Trixie) for an afternoon hike in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.
My Grayhart Southern Belles, Miabelle and Sky

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June said...

Now there's a place to hike! ;-)

Nice job on the repeat performance and 2ng leg.