Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Futurity & Maturity Placements for Mia-belle & Sky

The photo quality may not be the best but we were thrilled to hear from the shows in Perry, GA, that both of our Grayhart Southern Belles, Mia-belle, Grayhart's Special Request, RN and Sky, Grayhart Lightfoot Early Morning Rain, JH,TD, NSD, CGC,V, both earned 4th placements in the WCA Southern Futurity and Maturity respectively. Both girls were owner handled and beat out professional handlers for their spots. We are very proud of them.

Debbie showed Mia-belle just in the Sweepstakes and earned a 3rd place out of 11!
Congratulations to Debbie with Sky and Jessica with Mia-belle!


Jessica said...

Thanks Linda! I really am quite pleased with how well we did. And Mia looked beautiful in the ring with Debbie. I am thinking of entering a show in Florence, SC May 22 and 23. It should be a smaller show and it's only 2 hrs from me. We will see...

Linda said...

It's a testament to your training and her awesome temperament that she can just go in the ring with someone else and work well. Plus, Debbie is an excellent handler and told me she had a blast showing Mia! And I keep hearing how much you keep improving every show and doing a wonderful job with her.