Thursday, April 1, 2010

Busy Bees

Savi, hanging out during one of the torrential rain storms to hit our area
We've been unbelievably busy the past week and there was no time to update the blog, sleep just ruled out time to blog. Pictures were taken of Jam and Savi, wonderful reports and pictures received from the Bravo pups settling into their new homes and exciting show reports from Sky, Miabelle, Mason and Marshall. Jam won another show point, continued to train in the field for her debut in Senior Hunter and Savi met her first bird, and I am chairing/running a hunt test for my local Weim we were rear-ended on the highway on the way to the show last Saturday and well, just a big reminder on the importance of using crates or doggie seatbelts when traveling with your dogs. Thankfully, the crates protected the dogs, the van will need to go to the body shop and my whiplash injuries will heal with therapy and time. Updates are forthcoming...I promise!

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