Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all our family and friends a wonderful Thanksgiving!
The stunning picture above is Trixie, posing in cashmere for Banana Republic, taken by photographer Richard Phibbs, and this ad appears on the Banana Rebublic website today, promoting their day after Thanksgiving aka Black Friday sale. There may even be in-store displays with her image...I'll just have to check out the store tomorrow.
Update: I visited the local Banana Republic store and was quite excited to see this poster of Trixie everywhere! There was a giant size version in the store window and poster sizes located in the men's and women's departments with the cashmere sweaters she is promoting. I am proud of Trixie, our star!


sararenee said...

Did you ask to have any???

Linda said...

Of course! Good thing I had a picture of Trixie on location on my phone to show the manager, he just thought I had a Weim...he was impressed when he realized Trixie was my girl...Should have negotiated a clothing discount into the deal, gorgeous sweaters but a bit out of my budget these days...