Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Puppies One Day Old and so much to do

Even at one day old, the pups have a very busy schedule, with drinking from the milk bar as the top activity.Nap time...

Trixie keeps her pups immaculate giving them baths and also needs to stimulate them to deficate as their systems are too immature for the pups to do this on their own.

More sleeping and eating...looks like Miss Yellow is a little mild drunk.

Notice Mr. Blue's paws pushing around the nipple to help it flow better.

Miss Purple nursing away. At this stage, the pups are deaf and blind but due to their amazing sense of smell, they can belly crawl over to Trixie and find a free nipple to nurse on.
Seven gray puppies drinking in a row...and then it's time for the big weigh in!

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