Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Presents from Mia

Huge thanks to Michele and Mia for the new toys that are a big hit with all three of my dogs.I put them away for a snowy day which happened to be Monday and the response was hysterical. Trixie, who is not super playful with toys, went crazy when I picked up the package and followed me into the kitchen while I cut the fastener open.
I gave her one toy and she started squeaking it and jumping around with it and then ran to her bed and in minutes had slit its throat and was ripping out the stuffing, lol!
I took the squeaker out to avoid an accident and took the toy away from her before she completely destroyed it.
Jam, who is our toy guru, LOVES them. Check out her blog for the pictures. Wotan had a good time too and has not destroyed his yet :)
These toys will be wonderful in the puppy pen!

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