Sunday, December 14, 2008

Woo Hoo! Trixie's First CDX Leg

At the Lehigh Kennel Club Show this weekend, Trixie qualified in Open A to earn her first CDX leg!
I am very proud of my girl for performing well in such a noisy and distracting venue. This trial takes place simultaneously with an all breed show and the obedience rings are adjacent to the breed judging. Our ring was exposed on three sides, next to the entrance/exit door with people and dogs constantly walking by or stopping to watch.
The Open class exercises are all performed off leash and include a heeling pattern, drop on recall, retrieve on the flat and over a jump and the broad jump. Once the individual exercises are completed, all of the dogs are brought into the ring for out of sight group sits and stays, lasting 3 and 5 minutes respectively. This class is sometimes referred to as the heartbreak class due to the high level of difficulty of some of the exercises for some dogs, especially the out of sight stays.
We need two more CDX legs for Trixie to earn her Companion Dog Excellent title.

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sararenee said...

Great job Linda and Trixie!