Monday, December 29, 2008

Bon jour

Trixie and the other dogs were left home while we took a mini-vacation to the beautiful, but cold city of Montreal.The sidewalks were covered in ice which made walking a treacherous event. Most people were underground at the famous malls and markets, especially on this day, Boxing Day, which in Montreal is considered a holiday.
Business was slow for the horse drawn carriages outside the church of Notre Dame.The carved exit doors of the famous Montreal Cathedral of Notre DameThe Cathedral was filled with incredible artwork and handcarved woodwork.

The amazing stained glass was a lovely backdrop framing the alter.

French street signs

Montreal even has their own Chinatown! We didn't have time to compare the Montreal Chinese food to that in NYC, but we did enjoy buttery croissants for breakfast and a wonderful traditional French meal for dinner. The meal started with an amuse bouche, which is a small bite to tease the mouth, made of prosciutto wrapped fig, then foie gras with toast points, a delicious ox cheek entree over spinach and of course, dessert. For dessert, we shared a Parisian style frozen cake and sweet raspberry sorbet...magnifique!

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