Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Pyramid : Then and Now

The Pyramid was a wonderful toy introduced to the pups in their whelping box when they were
23 days old. At that time, purple girl AKA Jam, was enamored with this interactive toy and the most adventurous in her exploration of the pyramid.

Here she is climbing and tasting...everything went in the mouth at this age.

A perfect puppy snoozing spot. Hard to believe she was this little once.

Jam now with her still favorite toy! Doing what weims do best....nooking!

The squeakers still work! An amazing feat for any toy to survive in this house.

This is about as far in as the head will go.

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sararenee said...

Vera grew up with the same toy AND I have a pic of her sister shoving her head into it too!

I wonder what Vera's reaction would be if I brought one home now?

Have a great Thanksgiving!