Sunday, November 30, 2008

Obedience Run-thru's

To end a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, I took Trixie to obedience run-thru's at Port Chester Obedience Training Club. The practice runs were quite beneficial and worth the drive through sleet, rain and holiday traffic. We are gearing up for an obedience trial in two weeks at the Lehigh Kennel Club show and want to put on a good performance!These pictures were taken during our obedience lesson but show Trixie working on her broad jump, ironically a problem area for my agility girl.

Targeting is a useful method to train specific behaviors, in this case, jumping straight out from the jump before turning to come front. Trixie is sniffing a special tube that holds the treats. That way, she only gets the reward for doing the right thing.

Good girl!
Nice retrieve on the flat

She's still a silly gray dog, and didn't hesitate to steal treats, in this case steak, off the desk while the trainer and I discuss her performance!

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