Monday, February 22, 2016

Jam at the 3rd Annual Westminster Masters Agility Challenge

Jam, GCH Grayhart's Purple Haze, CD, JH, MX, MXJ CGCA, SD, VX, posing in front of Sensation, the Westminster Kennel Club's official logo.

Jam competed and although we did not qualify for the finals, I could not be prouder of my girl, who was the only Weimaraner entered out of 330 dogs. She was a wonderful representative for the breed, both in and out of the ring. It was such an honor to be part of this amazing event.

Jam was clean on a very challenging Masters Jumpers with Weaves course but sadly over time. The turf proved to be very slippery for her causing her to fall and made her much more cautious. Only 10 dogs in our class qualified, and only two more, Jam and another dog, had clean rounds but were over time. 

In the Master Standard course, handler error caused her to get a refusal at the tunnel, darn, we almost got one of those fancy Q ribbons. She was 10 seconds under standard course time in this run. It was a fun course with a tricky opening. Lots of good things in this run and we always celebrate the positives. 

This was our first big agility event and Jam handled it all in stride. I think that having been a show dog, she even showed here 3 years ago in breed, she is used to the crowds, noise and distractions and was not stressed like some of the other dogs. We had fun, spent time with friends, met many awesome dogs and handlers from all over the country and although we did not make the finals, we were included in the TV broadcast of the finals on Fox Sports 1, showing the special relationship between Jam and me. Watch the whole clip to see me feeding Jam treats and then her kissing me!

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