Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jam earns her 5th MX leg with a 4th place!

After a long time without qualifying in agility, I was thrilled to have Jam not only qualify but do it with a placement on a very challenging course.  In a large 24" class at the Schooley's Mountain Kennel Club Agility trial, only four dogs qualified in Master Standsard and Jam was one of them. She ran the course in 59 seconds and the Standard Course Time was 70 seconds. In general, she has been running well however, her handler has been a member of the one-little-thing club.  We've been working hard on perfecting our runs and it is finally paying off.  Jam is run with speed and enthusiasm and we are having a ton of fun - Q or no Q!

To earn the AKC Master Standard or MX title, a dog needs to have 10 qualifying runs.  At the master level, a run must be perfect to qualify so no refusals, wrong courses or time faults are allowed. Jam is halfway to her MX title.

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