Thursday, January 15, 2015

J-C pups day 25 - Puppy Training

The Holiday litter continues to thrive.  They all weigh around 5 lbs which is amazingly consistent, a rare thing to have them all the same size. The pup love to play and as seen above, already have terrific focus and held their positions while I took photos.  We've started litter box training by adding wood pellets (safe, non treated) to the whelping box to encourage them to do their business on the wood pellets instead of the fleece pad.  Starting in the whelping box will make their transition to the litter box in the puppy pen easier.  They will move to their new digs in a few days and have luxury accommodations right in our living room.

The pups have spent almost a month in our family room where they have been exposed to all kinds of sounds, a number of different surfaces and toys.  We completed the BioSensor Early Neurological Stimulation exercises last week which we did along with Early Scent Introduction.

Once the pups turn 4 weeks and make their move to the new pen, we will continue to introduce all kinds of new things and many visitors to help create sound, healthy puppies.

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