Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wonder litter - Six months already?

Quest, Grayhart's Travelin' Man, our Canadian pup
Hard to believe that our Wonder litter pups (Fala x Jam) are six months old already!  Actually, we are behind a few weeks as they turned six months on May 29th.  All the owners report how fabulous their pups are and absolutely adore them.

Turning six months is a big deal in our world, as six months is the official age when dogs can be entered and shown in AKC conformation shows to compete towards earning a show championship. They can also compete in hunt tests, obedience and rally trials.  Agility will have to wait as the pups need to be at least 15 months to compete in AKC Agility but for safety sake, I personally prefer to wait until a pup is closer to two years old to make sure their growth plates have closed before competing.  In class, the pups can practice and learn many agility foundation skills jumping at a lower height.
Presley, Grayhart's Another Star, made her show debut last weekend.  We've been working on getting her to stand still and stay in stack (show) position and stay for exam.  At this age, pups have the attention span of a nat so it can be a challenge to get them to stand still.  I was proud of how Presley showed, solid for the judges exam and moved beautifully on the show lead.  We had serious competition, with the bitch that beat her for the points, going Best of Breed over specials.  A great way for Presley to kick off her show career.
Siri, Grayhart's Conversation with GraytSky, owned by Kristen and Amy, will be making her show debut mid-June, handled by Michael, the owner of daddy Fala.  Both Siri and Presley are growing up to be lovely girls and we are excited to get them out into the show ring.  Quest is in training for show and other venues and will be competing in both Canada and the U.S.

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