Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Terrific Tuesday: Cruise & CeCe go to handling class

Cruise, Grayhart's Show Me the Money
 On Tuesday, we took two of our Fast Times (Parker x Savi) pups, Cruise and CeCe to their first handling class. At 13 weeks old, they are not too young to start learning how to be show dogs and get used to a new facility for training.  The show handling classes teaches the dog to stack, to gait properly on a lead, to stand for exam and to free bait plus goes over ring procedure.  It is important that the pups have fun so we used food and praise to motivate them.  We were very proud of the awesome job that these pups did with their stacking and held up for a very long class.  We need to get them used to gaiting on a show lead but there were moments of brilliance that we could see that these pups are lovely movers.
Cruise on the move
CeCe, Grayhart's Almost Famous

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