Monday, July 29, 2013

Congratulations Bliss!

We are so proud of owner/handler, Jen Boyd for handling her lovely girl, Bliss, Grayhart's Launch My Line, (Clay x Trixie) to a Group 2 at the Cook Inlet Kennel Club show.  This is Bliss' 4th Sporting Group 2 placement this year and she also has a Group 4.  

Bliss and Jen's great show weekend continued and they garnered a Sporting Group 3 on Sunday!

Competing at the Group level is very difficult, especially for a virtually unknown team like Jen and Bliss, as many of the dogs are "campaigned".  When a dog is campaigned, they are shown by a professional handler with a lavish full color advertising campaign featured in the trade journals like Dog News, to help create a "brand" to make the team recognizable to help increase the chances of future wins.  They also travel across the country, making strategic decisions on which shows to enter based on how many points the wins carry and their chances of  winning based on the competition.  We are talking about big money, hundreds of thousands of dollars to back a dog and it is serious business.  The dog that won the Sporting Group, beating Bliss, was a Clumber Spaniel named Semour, who is currently ranked as the #2 Sporting Dog and #8 All Breeds.  Semour and his handler, Jorge, flew up to Alaska and not only won the Sporting Group but went Best in Show!

Bliss is a beautiful bitch and shows well.   Due to the lack of Weimaraner entries in Alaska, Bliss earns few if any breed points towards her AKC show championship by going Best of Breed, even though she earns group placements amongst top competition.  She is on the Top 20 All Breed Weimaraner list, the only non-champion.  Having earned a 5-pt major during the WCA Nationals week and winning the Open class at the WCA Nationals, we know that Bliss is a very special girl and would have finished easily in the lower 48.  A road trip is planned to finish her championship,

Congratulations to Jen and Bliss, our Alaskan Princess!

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June said...

Thank you for such a detailed explanation of campaigning dogs!
Bliss is clearly a beautiful bitch with an awesome handler... can't wait to follow her points on her "road trip" through the lower 48! The Alaskan Princess will be "snow/ice on FIRE!"